Wednesday (Jan. 24) is National Compliment Day (you're so smart). This is how to spread the love and celebrate National Compliment Day in Grand Junction.

Compliments can go a a long way and it's time to spread them. The first compliment on National Compliment Day, should definitely go to yourself. If anyone knows how much you deserve it, you do. I think doing the whole 'self love' thing is a priority:

My makeup looks amazing. I am straight up slayin' right now.

Next up to compliment is anyone around you! Maybe it's your partner, or kids, or your pet, or that nice lady at the drive through:

Thank you for always giving me extra chocolate in my mocha, you're a beautiful angel and I like your earrings.

After I compliment myself, I'll be sure to share the love with my boyfriend and my cat too. Compliments on National Compliment Day don't always have to be about what's on the surface (aka your appearance), you should dig deep and be truthful. People can usually see through you if you're being fake anyway.

All people, animals and pretty much everything open for you to compliment. I'm not sure if I've told my car how much I like it getting me to work everyday. After I compliment my car, my coworkers are next to compliment. While I'm celebrating National Compliment Day at work, I think I'll go for compliments like:

I like your relentlessly optimistic attitude.

I admire your sense of humor and zero tolerance for mediocrity.

I really like that we can both respect each other and our differences, but still have random, meaningful talks about life.

Be sure to spread the love on National Compliment Day, I know I am.

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