I know you have mixed feelings about guacamole, but I love all things avocado. Regardless of the presentation, or consistency of avocados, I love them!

I always add some sort of pepper to my avocados because it makes them taste even better than before. I didn't think it was possible -- but it is.

National Spicy Guacamole Day is November 14th and the more celebrating, the better. There are the best places in Grand Junction to grab some guac and sit down and celebrate, according to Yelp.

  • Tacoparty

    126 S 5th Street

    Tacoparty -- more like guacoparty! According to Yelp, their guacamole has avocado chunks, cherry gastrique, a dollop of roasted kuri squash, and as much serrano spiciness as your mouth can handle.

  • El Tapatio

    1145 North Avenue

    El Tapatio right off of North Avenue. Apparently, they're renowned for their queso, salsa and guacamole, according to Yelp. 

  • Agavero's Mexican Experience

    569 32 Road Unit 14

    I'll have what Marc had, chicken with onions, green peppers, rice, beans and guacamole. Yes, please! Even though I could totally eat guacamole with just a spoon.

  • Las Marias Mexican Experience

    118 S 7th Street

    I love this place! Their guacomole is fresh and pair nicely with a huge bowl of chips -- and maybe some queso and salsa on the side. I don't even need an entree after that!

  • MX Tapas Bar Restaurante

    546 Main Street

    You had me at tapas + guacamole. Okay so maybe throw in a margarita too. MX Tapas Bar Restaurante is off of Main Street and should be expecting me soon.

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