Living in Grand Junction things can get a little pricey sometimes. That is where thrift stores come in handy. They are like the secret gem stores that won't break your wallet.

If you haven't been to a thrift store then you are missing out. They have almost everything you might need without putting your wallet in a chokehold.

Here are a few choices according to Yelp that you must check out.

Fashion Junkie is an amazing place to check out. They have all kinds of clothes ranging from little kids to grown adults. This is one of my favorite places to go. You can buy all kinds of name brand clothes without the price tag making you want to cry.

Let's Make A Deal has everything from home decorations all the way to vintage furniture. This place has so much cool vintage stuff you could make your house look like time has stopped. If you don't like the price that's ok, they are ready to make a deal with you.

Encore Shoppe is the only place you need to go ladies. This wonderful place has all kinds of clothing and accessories. The furniture here is so cheap it is flying out of there. Plan a day for shopping because you are going to need it when you enter Encore. Did I mention it is the biggest thrift store from Salt Lake to Denver?

Have you ever gone to your grandparent's house and asked yourself "where do I get furniture like that?" Well, Treasures From The Past has you covered. They have some of the coolest old furniture that I have ever seen. This is the place to go for your furniture needs. I know because I got a recliner for next to nothing. Completely worth it!

The Vintage Common is the only place to get to get vintage homemade clothing. I have never seen a store like this and it is amazing. Not only that you can make Grandma happy by taking her sowing machine here to get it fixed. While they are fixing it take a look around and check out all the fantastic handmade clothes that they make. My daughters love this place. It's where they got their homemade scarves that they wear every day.

If you love shopping but hate spending all of your money these are places to go and spend some cash. You will love every second of it.

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