This week, my Facebook feed blew up with people complaining about Daylight Savings Time. From the snarky Native American Meme to angry hashtags and status updates lamenting the Monday after Daylight Savings Time. Should we still practice DST?

So, what is the point of even having Daylight Savings Time (also referred to as DST) if none of us like it? Well, like it or not, there is a rational behind the annoying loss of an hour of sleep every spring.

Generally, in more developed countries everything is run by a time clock. What I mean is, everyone (generally) has a set time they wake up, a set time they go to work, a set time they get home from work, and a set time for sporting events.

This is used instead of a regulating our days by daylight hours and solar time because they would be much less consistent. SoO, the idea of synchronously all of the clocks in a specific region to one hour ahead of normal time, means that even though they are waking up an hour earlier, they now have an extra hour after their normal scheduled tasks. This is of course not effective in the winter months, which is why we set our clocks back to normal time during those months.

It is also argued that it cuts down on energy consumption, by reducing the need for lighting and heating. As for me, I hate losing an hour of sleep, but I do enjoy having an extra hour after work, and I can't argue the logic behind reducing power consumption, I guess we'll all just have to add the lost hour of sleep to our list of first world problems.

What do you think, keep DST or not?

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