We are one week away from Black Friday. That means savings, shopping and the kickoff of the holiday season. But where you can find the best savings is key. 

Wallethub has released a list of the very best savings found for the 2015 Black Friday savings for us shoppers who want the best there is to get! Here is the breakdown by catagory, where you can get the very best savings on this Black Friday!

Here are a few Grand Junction retailers that made the list and the average amount of savings.

  • JCPenney - 68%
  • Kohl's - 66.7%
  • K-Mart - 50.1%
  • Office Depot & Office Max - 42.8%
  • Staples - 34.4%
  • Best Buy - 33.5%
  • Walmart - 30.1%

Check out the entire list to determine where you will do your holiday bargain hunting!

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