Everyone knows that November is the month that you get to eat a lot of food and not feel bad about it. It is also home to the best shopping day of the year, Black Friday.

We all know that you need to wake up early to get what you need before everyone else. Well, why not keep it local? To me, nothing is more local then downtown.

Here are a few places that I think will provide you your shopping needs.

Triple Play Records is the holy grail of music and disc golf. They have everything that you need from vinyl records to the essentials of disc golf so you can be the worlds best. This is a one-stop shop for cool stuff.

Heirlooms for Hospice is the place to go for the unique person in your family. That unique person could be you. Whether you are decorating your house or need some furniture this place has it. Once you enter you could end up spending hours in here before you look at your watch. Perfect for Black Friday.

Colorado Graphx will design anything you want for a family member of that special someone. That sounds like a fun time to me for Black Friday. You can go in give them a design and go get something to eat. By the time you are done eating your design will be finished.  Imagine that look you will get when you give that special person something with a unique spin.

Brown Cycles will spin there way right into your heart. Anything you need for cycling they have. With all the trails around this place will keep you rolling through Black Friday. They make you feel so comfortable you could be leaving with a brand new bike. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Benge's Shoes

Benge's Shoes is one of the oldest running businesses in the Valley. They have all different kinds of shoes for the uniquely footed. Stop in for Black Friday and end up leaving with some of the most comfortable shoes that you will ever put on your feet. I already bought three pairs.

It is almost time to get ready and head out shopping. Be safe and stay local

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