There are a lot of weird laws around. Some of them have to do with drinking and horses. Makes you question what happened to have these put in place.

When I found out about some of these laws, I questioned if they were even true! To get clarification, I asked Grand Junction's Public Information Coordinator Heidi Davidson. Is it illegal to ride a horse while intoxicated? She confirmed that this is in fact, a true law that is in place today.
The other law I came across is that it is you cannot fish while on the back of a horse. Officer Davidson said this is not something the department sees.
The laws are not as relevant as they used to be. Officer Davidson agrees "although they may be somewhat antiquated now, there is certainly some historical interest in them, I suppose--perhaps drunken horse fishing was a criminal epidemic a century ago!", she said.
There are a lot of different things you can do with your horse. Drinking is not one of them. Remember that when it comes to a DD, you're walking, not riding. And when it comes to fishing, you're also walking.

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