Graduates of Colorado Mesa University, you just received a diploma that has a typo. Umm, what? That is correct, the diploma reads, “Coard of Trustees” instead of “Board of Trustees.”

This wasn't just the class of 2018, Alec Williams graduated in 2012 and was making sure his name was spelled correctly when he noticed the error.

At first, Alec thought it was kind of funny, but after thinking about the amount he had spent to go to college and how much he is still paying for his student loans, it was no longer funny.

President of Colorado Mesa University, Tim Foster stated the 2018 graduating class will be receiving new, correct diplomas, and they will make it available to other graduating classes as well.

This mistake will cost the University big bucks. Costing $5 per diploma, and up to 9,200 of them, CMU is more or less looking at spending $46,000. That's insane!

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