Everyone loves to eat food. It doesn't really matter what type of food it is people just love it. But if you are not from the Valley we are known for one thing, peaches.

If I had to choose one type of food from the Valley that I could eat every day it would have to be peaches. You may wonder why I would eat peaches every day, well that is because they are delicious.

If you haven't done yourself the pleasure of eating one of our peaches than you are missing out.

By far the best peaches in the valley, in my opinion, come from Palisade. They are big, juicy and pretty much the perfect fruit. The cool thing about peaches is you can make them become anything you want. My favorite thing to do with the peaches makes a nice cooling salsa that goes with everything.

Eating a peach from the Valley especially Palisade peaches will make your heart happy. People come from all over just to get our peaches.

If you haven't tried them yet well, you are missing out on something magical.

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