Everyone gets into a bad mood once in a while. What if that mood sticks around, and does not seem to go away? It is no longer just a case of the Monday's. 

Elite Daily has explored moods, and have found some ways that can really change your mood and make you feel better all the way around. Try a few of these ideas.

1. Eat a bit better- When we are not in the best of moods, we reach for comfort foods. The problem with this is, you end up crashing later. So grab yourself something healthy and feed that mood with nutrition.

2. Do some running- According to Pete McCall of Womens Running he says that running:

3. Put some Jazz in your ears- Listening to Jazz music can really make your body feel better. According to Top Masters In Healthcare Administration:

4. Get in the Sauna- Getting into a sauna, will help you to detox, and also help your heart. And if you bring a little peppermint, you will even breathe better. You will feel tons better.

5. Make Your Bed- This one I found odd, but after reading a report from Apartment Therapy they say that:

6. Sniff Citrus- Believe it or not, smelling something wonderful can soothe your mood. So pick up some form of citrus and watch that frown turn upside down.


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