I had the chance to sit down with Parmalee at Country Jam. What a great bunch of Carolina boys. We talked hometowns, new album and one of them getting shot.

This year is my very first Country Jam kicked off day two with an interview with the good ole boys from Parmalee. These guys are from a town less than two hours from where I'm from and just recently played in my hometown.

I was surprised at what I found out who "Carolina" is about. Who could "feel like Carolina, look like California and shine like those New York City lights?"

Apparently getting shot will change the way you do things. After a show in 2010, two armed men attempted to rob Scott and Barry. Shots were fired, Scott was hospitalized and these guys are more appreciative because of it. They advise everyone to "watch your back."

27861 is the name of the album dropping next month, that's the zip code of Parmale, NC. Only 12 out of 35 songs made the cut. Hopefully, we'll be hearing the rest of the EP or bonus tracks. Check out the new album on July 21. I couldn't have asked for a better first interview at Country Jam - thank you Carolina boys!

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