If you're anything like me (American) then you love breakfast. If you don't love breakfast, then go get some help haha. If you live in the Grand Junction area than you're in luck! I put together a list of the best places to grab breakfast in Grand Junction.

1. Pufferbelly's

The name really says it all. The giant cinnamon rolls alone are enough to place this establishment at the top of my list. They also have some great egg options, and lots of other great breakfast food.

2. Roasted Coffee and Subs

They have great coffee, so that's 1 point. They also have a fantastic spinach breakfast wrap. Combine those two and you've got one of my breakfast faves.

3. Dream Cafe

These guys have giant pancakes, and I mean giant. Add some blueberries, boom! They also have a lot of other great breakfast food.

4. The Local

Chicken and Waffles? No problem, they got it. Juevos Rancheros? No problem, they got it. AND they serve breakfast ALL day and ALL night. Seriously a great place for breakfast. Sometimes they feature local musicians during brunch hours, it's a really nice atmosphere.

5. The Egg and I

This place is practically infamous in the valley. I promise anything breakfast, they have it, I've had it, and loved it. I'm a big Juebos Rancheros guy, though, and there's is great.