We Americans already stuff our faces enough without needing another reason to eat.

Jack in the Box has trademarked the term "brunchfast," presumably a meal combining breakfast and lunch (or breakfast, lunch and brunch) because we are so disgusting we need a meal between meals. It's a godsend for those people who simply can't make due with an orange or a Nutri-Grain bar in that hazy 10:30 timeframe where breakfast is so far in the rearview mirror and lunch feels like a few dozen foot-long hot dog buns away.

It's unclear what Jack in the Box plans to do with the new phrase. "At this time, we are unable to share any info about Jack’s plans for use of the ‘Brunchfast’ trademark," the chain cryptically said.

But here's a guess -- the restaurant probably plans to create a campaign in the hopes of getting customers in the door to eat at a time that may not be known as a time people tend to chow down.
It's like the time Taco Bell came up with the Fourth Meal to drive up late night sales. Yeah, we're on pace to put more meals in our day than calories in our stomachs.

At the rate we're scarfing down meals, Jack won't be able to fit into his jeans, let alone the box.

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