It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I would have to agree with that statement.

The best thing to eat for breakfast, in my opinion, has to be a delicious breakfast burrito.

So I decided to give you the five places where you can get a delicious breakfast burrito before you head to work or to just start your day out right.

The AM burrito at the Dream Cafe is absolutely delicious. I have only been able to have it one time, but that one time got me hooked. Filled with egg, cheese, chorizo, and black beans you need to make sure nobody is around you when you eat this. That way you only have to concentrate on your food without talking.

The Old Man Grill is pretty new so I haven't had the chance to eat here. But, my twin brother has when he was visiting and he told me that it tasted amazing. This breakfast burrito is huge and you can fill it up with an assortment of different things. Feeling like Carna Asada put it in there with some eggs and bacon. Then smother it with some green chili. Delicious.

Randy's is one of my favorite places to take my daughters for breakfast. Everything on the menu is absolutely delicious. But the best thing has to be their breakfast burrito. My favorite has to be the country fried steak burrito. I'm getting two of my favorite things in one dish. To top it off they smother it in country gravy. You will not be leaving hungry after eating this.

Los J's as the locals like to call it, gives you huge portions of food. Their burritos are humongous. The best one by far is the steak egg and cheese breakfast burrito. When I was a single guy living on my own many moons ago, this is the one things I got all the time. To take it over the top drizzle some of their amazing green sauce over every bit. This thing is so big you could even save the rest of it for lunchtime. It's almost like an all-day breakfast burrito.

If you like a relaxing atmosphere this is the place to be. Everything here is made locally. The burritos they have are incredible. Homemade tortillas stuffed with delicious eggs, cheese, hashbrowns, and fresh salsa you might have to tell yourself to breathe this burrito is so good.

Now that I told you about the best burritos around Grand Junction it is time for you to go out and try for yourself. If I left any place off the list that you feel has an amazing breakfast burrito let me know!

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