When I think of the 70s I think about That 70s Show with Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Hyde that was played by Danny Masterson, and many other excellent actors and actresses, such as, Fez the hot and always bothered sexually exchange student a.k.a. Wilmer Valderrama.

It's apparent that the 70s were a trip with fascinating entertainment. Laverne & Shirley, All In The Family, Bewitched, Sanford and Son, The Rolling Stones, Playboy, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.

Not only was the entertainment a trip in the 70s, but the awe-inspiring Architect Andre Ulrych was a creative soul that shows his masterpiece while under the influence of magic mushrooms and an occasional encounter with LSD.

After watching an interview with CNNMoney and Patty Findlay who is currently the co-owner of the most incredible house I've ever seen it's hard to believe that this man was under the influence of anything. AMAZING talent.

This was the first home Ulrych had designed. It took six years for this 6,000 square foot psychedelic home to come together.

Founder of the adult explicit Playboy Magazine Hugh Hefner enjoyed one of his famous pajama parties at this mystical home, Artist Andy Warhola art is complementing in areas as well.

Enjoy the tour. I'll assure you that you don't need to be under the influence of mushrooms or LSD to see the magical beauty and be truly inspired.

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