Seems like I've had a lot of articles lately about moose. It's hilarious that they've been making the news practically every day lately.

I couldn't help but share this story about this fella who has decided to make himself right at home in Breckenridge.

Guest of the Breckenridge home had been sleeping in the basement with a child when they had been awakened by glass breaking and a whole bunch of ruckus.

First thought was vandalism when authorities were called but shockingly they had no idea that they would see a moose napping on the floor.

According to Ellisa Slezak district wildlife manager with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the moose had been walking around outside and feel through a window well like the moose last week in Steamboat but unfortunately didn't have the same landing as the last moose.

This unlucky fella broke a window and fell into the basement. Thankfully other than the shock of it all the humans are cool and the moose only received a few minor cuts.

Fortunately, they were able to get the moose out safe and sound and the authorities stated that the moose would not be charged for trespassing.

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