I should start this article off by quoting Demi Lovato with her song, "Sorry, Not Sorry." Apologizing in advance if I happen to say something that may offend someone.

So many times I want to sing my issues to all the transplants. Another tune that rolls through my mind, "Get Out of Denver ... Baby Go" sung by the rock-and-roll icon Bob Seger.

According to Channel 9news Colorado has been one of the top states to move into.

Who could blame anyone for wanting to move to Colorado? It's got beauty, charm, it's got "real" mountains, skiing, hiking, outdoor sports coming out of the yazoo.

Not to mention Red Rock Amphitheater of course or those that like the ganja or those that are fans of the Colorado Rockies, Broncos, Avalanche, Nuggets, and others

As per an online real estate company called Redfin, Channel 9News reports that Redfin has found "that people may be more keen to moving out rather than moving in."

Seattle is currently a top choice but I can't even imagine them being more crowded than they already are.

As nicely as I can say this ... it's okay if you move out of Colorado just please don't head over to the Western Slope. Please and thank you.

And I am sorry if I have rubbed you the wrong way. "Sorry Not Sorry."

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