Jeni Brown is a mother of three and the CFO at JGMS here in Grand Junction. This is how Jeni thinks Grand Junction has changed in the last 15 years.

Jeni Brown came in for an interview about the WOmen of Distinction breakfast on Thursday, November 8th at Two Rivers. Jeni is one of the amazing women that will be honored at the event.

CMU + St. Mary's

As we were talking, Jeni began talking about Grand Junction and how it's changed in the last ten years. She received her Master's Degree from Colorado Mesa University in 2001.

While she was there, Jeni said there were about 4,000 students that attended CMU. Now Colorado Mesa University's enrollment is over 11,000.

Jeni said that St. Mary's has also expanded. Between St. Mary's and CMU expanding, they've brought in a lot of people.

Expanding City Limits

Jeni recalls lots of empty lots on Highway 6 & 50. Back 10-15 years ago, there was no Regal Cayon View Stadium. She said that city limits have definitely grown.

I asked if she likes the fact that Grand Junction continues to grow and she told me yes and no. Jeni said she likes that it's expanding because of the restaurants and shopping and other things to do. But she's not a fan of the traffic. Jeni then laughed and said:

It's funny that I'm complaining about the traffic in Grand Junction. It still only takes 10 minutes to get everywhere.

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