If you haven't been to Grand Junction's new Riverfront at Las Colonias Park, get ready to take a virtual ride to the river.

Grand Junction's newest park is nothing short of amazing. This place is fantastic and a wonderful addition to the local landscape.

While the project is not yet completed, it is beginning to take shape. Many people are already using the park for water fun, biking, and dog walking. When it's all said done, Riverfront at Las Colonias Park is going to offer even more than that. Much more development is happening which will include restaurants and retail.

If you visit the park, please be sure and stay off the landscaped areas, especially the areas that are being seeded. Just watch for the signs indicating areas to avoid where new grass has been planted.

Sit back and enjoy a virtual tour of Riverfront at Las Colonias Park. Keep in mind that what you see today, in some cases, is going to look very different in the future.


Riverfront at Las Colonias Park

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