The Grand Junction Spotlight is on Caitlyn Love and Taylor Kidd from Downtown Grand Junction. This week, it's all about the food of the Downtown Farmer's Market.

Caitlyn and Taylor from Downtown Grand Junction, who are pretty much the ladies in charge of the Downtown Farmer's Market. I wanted to have them in because this is Mix 104.3's first Farmer's Market of the season. (We like to share.)

Mix 104.3 + Music

Mix 104.3 (or one of our friends from our other station) sets up in front of Main Street Cafe by 5th and Main during the Farmer's Market. There's live music on 4th and Main and 3rd and Main. But what's really the highlight of the entire Downtown Farmer's Market -- is the food.

Food + More Food

There's a food truck court with five different food trucks at 7th and Main. The food trucks will be serving up delicious food like crepes and barbecue and more. And of course there's lots of fresh produce to choose from too.

One thing I'm looking forward to buying are those Palisade Peaches. Caitlyn told me they should be perfection this week. I'm also looking forward to the fresh zucchini -- and juicy tomatoes too.

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