The Grand Junction Spotlight is on Callie Ash from Baker's Boutique Cakes and Cupcakes. At Baker's Boutique, if you can imagine it, they can bake it.

Baker's Boutique has moved locations from off of Patterson to inside of Canyon View Park. (Which was voted as the best park in Grand Junction by the way.) Callie, who is the owner of Baker's Boutique, said they're right at the entrance by the playground. You can't miss them, because they're the only store around Canyon View Park and because they have pink shutters.

One of the things that I absolutely love about Baker's Boutique, is that they're straight up artists. They make art, that you can eat. That's twice as amazing to me. Baker's Boutique has made a Starry Night Vincent Van Gough cake, a Ricky & Morty cake, cupcakes that look like cacti and much, much more.

Whenever Callie came in for her interview, she brought a bunch of sweet treats with her. I was very happy to indulge in scones, Hawaiian Punch cupcakes, churro cupcakes and wedding cupcakes. (My coworkers were happy too.) Callie was sweet enough to make me a birthday cake a few months back, and not just any birthday cake -- a unicorn cake. Both my birthday cake and the sweet treats she brought along with her are in the Instagram post above.

Callie told me that some of their most popular things they make are at Baker's Boutique are:

  • Unicorn cakes
  • Mermaid/Under the Sea theme Cakes
  • Lego Cakes

They not only do cupcakes, cakes, scones and other sweets, they've also got lunch at Baker's Boutique too. Anything from paninis, to coffee, to wraps and ice cream too. (I'm already thinking about what I'm going to get.)

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