Delta authorities are warning about a scam in Delta.

Don't think for a minute the internet is the only place you're going to find scammers. There may be one outside your front door.

The Delta Country Sheriff's Office says there are reports of someone going door-to-door in Delta and on behalf of the Delta County School District asking for donations for children in need. They emphasize that the school district would never operate this way.

When clubs and organizations in the Delta County School District do fundraisers they will always have proper identification and information about their cause.

If you are approached about a donation and something doesn't quite seem right, the best thing to do is to contact the school and confirm the solicitation is legitimate. Simply ask the person requesting the donation to come back at a later time. If they are legitimate they will return and you can help them out. If they aren't, you're likely never to see them again.

I will make another suggestion. If the group is selling something like cookie dough, or candy that is to be delivered in the future, get a contact name, the name of the club or organization, and phone number. That way if your order is not delivered at the appointed time, you can follow up with a phone call. It could be the failure to deliver is simply an oversight - or it may be that you just got ripped off,

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