A total of ten sheep have been shot to death in the Delta area over the last few weeks in a senseless act that no one can understand.

Shirley Munoz who owns the sheep posted this photo is requesting help identifying the person(s) responsible on Tuesday (September 4). Munoz reports there is no reason for the shootings and it is a waste of good animals.

According to Munoz, her sheep were being shot almost every day up to two weeks ago when the shooting stopped. Yesterday, another sheep was found shot in the neck, the same way her other sheep were killed. Munoz also noted she feels like the sheep are being used for 'target practice.'

I talked to Shirley Munoz on the phone and she said sheep were also killed earlier this year by dogs. Now, to have sheep deliberately and methodically killed by a human only adds to the personal heartbreak and financial loss.

She is also troubled by the thought that someone from her family could be accidentally shot if they are tending the sheep in the area where the killings are taking place.

The sheep are being shot on 2200 Road in the bottom field facing 2100 Road across the ravine. If you know anything about the sheep killings, including the person or people responsible, call the Delta County Sheriff's Office at 970-874-2000.

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