Most people around western Colorado would like to have fresh local food year round. While canning isn't exactly fresh off the vine or from the hunt, it is a great way to preserve some of those great tastes for the winter months.

For those who want to learn or would like the latest canning techniques, CSU Extension is offering a class to teach the right way to can meat and salsa as part of their Family and Consumer Science Classes.

Home canning is popular for fruits and vegetables but it is also a great way to preserve meat without taking up all of the space in your freezer.

Canning deer and elk meat harvested during hunting season not only saves space in the freezer but offers a tasty alternative to frozen meat. Beef, chicken, pork, and seafood are also meats that lend themselves to canning.

Fresh salsa is awesome, but you won't find fresh local ingredients after the first few sub-freezing days. So, why not stock up now, can your favorite recipe, and enjoy whenever you want.

The class, titled Canning 102 Meat and Salsa is September 14 at the Bill Heddles Recreation Center in Delta from 8:30 a.m. until Noon. Preregister by calling 970-244-1834 by September 9.

The cost is $30 which covers all the class supplies, samples and plenty of information to take home so you can get canning right away.

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