Dear Santa,

I asked my friends on Facebook what they wanted for Christmas and this is what they said. Could you please help them have the best Christmas ever?

Jasmine doesn't want to go homeless with her family.

Jenn needs a full tank of gas and an oil change for her car.

Ashley would like a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Xochitl would like a Rachel Ray cooking set.

Alexis needs a radiator for a 2001 Ford Explorer.

Angela wants her wallet (with money in it ... hee- hee).

Jessica would like for her kids and nieces and nephews to have a good Christmas.

Kristie's comment made me sad Santa. Her son is heaven, I know you can't bring him back to be here for Christmas, but my heart prayers for her. Will you too?

Trina would like the homeless to have a warm meal and a place to stay.

Megan would like to pamper herself.

Mary King would like to be a kid again. Like the movie BIG. No bills, play and sleep. Sounds super to me too.

Donna would like her mother to get better.

Denise wants everyone to love another, as they would like to be love.

Starlett needs a nice place to live.

Fabiola would like the family to be together and genuinely love being there.

Karen would like another year to spend time with the special people in her life.

Dusti would like a massage.

Kelly wants to make memories with family and friends.

Amita would like wireless headphones.

Karon would like snow in Georgia and for her mom to get better.

Katie needs to her former boss to get busy and verify her last job so she can get a new job.

Kayla wants a better selection of restaurants in Grand Junction.

So many of my friends have a similar request that I echo. This it's not asking too much, is it?

Thanks in advance Santa. YOU ROCK!

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