Maybe blame it on low blood sugar?

A cook at Roberto's Taco Shop, in Las Vegas, somehow survived when a customer repeatedly stabbed him after becoming upset over nachos he wanted to order.

Marcos Mendiola, 40, suffered a total of 14 stab wounds to the stomach, back, head and arm. From his hospital bed, he explained how the suspect and some other men came in "demanding meat and chicken on their nachos. The cashier told them they could have one or the other but not both per company policy. The men then got angry and went into the kitchen."

There, one man asked Mendiola if he wanted to fight before firing off a punch. Then, another man began the stabbing spree. A woman was also reportedly kicking and punching during the melee.

Authorities say they are looking for three suspects who got away. Mendiola may have summed up the whole episode best when he said, "They need to find them because it's not right for this to happen."

They also need to be taught a lesson that, no, the customer is not always right.

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