A fourth-grader in Denver, Colorado stabbed two school employees with a stick. While both of the Ellis Elementary employees received medical attention, one of them even had to get stitches.

Last Wednesday, September 4, a fourth-grader at Ellis Elementary School in Denver stabbed two employees at the school. The student was in the after-school program when the incident occurred.

According to a letter from the school's principal, the child became agitated and used a stick they found outside to stab two staff members in the arms.

Both of the employees got medical attention and one of them even needed stitches. Officers met with the student, their parent and also the employees who were stabbed, according to the Canon City Daily Record.

The staff members and the student were not identified, in the interest of their privacy, according to a news release from Denver Public Schools. The Denver Public Schools spokesperson also didn't mention what disciplinary steps were taken after the incident.

According to the Canon City Daily Record, the DPS spokesperson went on to describe their disciplinary policies in general:

In discipline situations, we focus on restorative practices as much as possible over exclusionary discipline...

...School staff members collaborate on what disciplinary approaches to take. When a student poses a possible safety threat, the staff members make decisions that prioritize school safety.

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