Take a look at the craziest toilet paper prank ever and get ready for a surprise ending that will make this prank even more insane!

I've seen a lot of pranks done by Roman Atwood and they are all just as intense as this one. They're way over the top but that's just what you do if you're a prankster with money.

I honestly was just watching this because I love a good prank. Usually YouTube produces some good pranks but I wasn't expecting this to be THIS good. I thought his friend Howie was just some random guy that he was friends with. I even said out loud "this sucks for his friend but judging by the house he can just pay someone to clean it".

Finding out that his friend Howie was Howie Mendel was probably the best part of this video. It made it all worth while... or worth the three minutes of my life it took. Have you even seen a prank this insane?

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