Today is the celebration of a product that we all know and love, but yet hardly ever talk about. It is the unsung hero in many households as we use 50 pounds of this product every year. What is it?

Toilet Paper....yes the cottony, billowy roll, that hangs in our bathrooms is being recognized on this very day!  Toilet paper was introduced to the United States back in 1857 by a gentleman named, Joseph Gayetty. According to Boston Standard Plumbing, Rolled toilet paper (and toilet paper rollers) hit the US market in 1883. Seth Wheeler patented both rolled toilet paper and toilet paper dispensers.

The almighty toilet paper has been used in the military to hide tanks, believe it or not, and up until about 2004, you could buy colored toilet paper. Who knew right?

All I know is, I thank the creators, and yes, the trees that make me comfy and fresh every single day. It is time to pay homage to toilet paper on this "National Toilet Paper Day"

Over or Under? Many people have argued and got steamed about this toilet paper debate. Is it just a preference? Or perhaps is it more accepted to keep your paper on the roll a certain way...we may never know. How do you like to roll?



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