This guy filled his entire house with plastic balls while is wife was at work! Pretty much the best prank ever.

This guy's wife left for work and decided to fill his entire house with plastic balls. The kind you would see in a kids play area at a McDonald's or something. This has to be the best prank on record.

It's probably the best prank ever because every one wins. I mean, how can you be mad when you come home from work and see that? I would probably be the happiest I've ever been if someone pulled this "prank" on me! The only down side is having to clean up the mess. My lazy side would definitely never clean up and keep my house looking like the best play land ever.

Would you be mad if you came home to your house like this? If so, you need to bring the inner 6 year old in you and enjoy it! If this happened to you, that is.

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