The Grand Junction Police Department is warning local business to be on the lookout for counterfeit bills.

According to the GJPD, they have been receiving more reports of counterfeit bills -- like the one above they confiscated recently. These bills -- $100s, $50s and $20s -- have been turning up at fast food joints, car parts stores, and grocery stores.

  • Fake money paper will feel different from real money. Real money has more of a "cloth" feel to it while fake money may feel smooth like regular paper.
  • Real money will have a security strip, along with a barely-visible watermark.

The Grand Junction Police Department is asking businesses to keep their eyes open for any suspicious money. If you feel you have obtained a counterfeit bill, call the GJPD non-emergency line -- 970.242.6707 -- and try to follow these suggestions:

  • Ask the person using the money to stay on scene until police arrive. (If you feel safe doing so, sometimes the individual is unaware they are using counterfeit money.)
  • If the person leaves, make sure you have a good description of the person and/or vehicle to give to authorities.

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