If you've visited Downtown Grand Junction lately, you probably realized that there are Grand Junction Police Officers patrolling Main Street, constantly. There are several reasons for the increase of Police activity downtown, but the consensus is the same across the board; it's making a difference.

Parents are feeling better about bringing their children downtown. Business owners are feeling more confident and secure, knowing that Grand Junction Police Officers are always only a few blocks away.

Several passersby have mentioned that they feel safer and that downtown just feels cleaner and more comfortable since the GJPD have begun patrolling Main Street. I've also noticed a steady increase in the number of people visiting Downtown Grand Junction, recently.

I've even had some great conversations with our local police officers, and I have had the opportunity to show a few of them how Pokemon Go works. We all laughed as I showed them how to catch a Pidgey, and we discussed how clever it was of Niantic (the creators of Pokemon GO) to flood the downtown area with Pidgeys and Rattatas.

While there will always be some that have an incessant need to battle the local authorities, and see their presence as a nuisance, or a problem, they are very few and far between. From my experience, the number of locals that are thankful, and feel safer, far outweigh those of the alternative opinion. We say thank you for all that you do for our community.

If you have input on the matter, I would love for you to share it in the comments below!

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