Colorado pilot, David Lesh was in the middle of a mid-air photoshoot with his fairly new plane when something went dramatically wrong.

Lesh lost power and had to put the plane down into the ocean near Half Moon Bay in San Francisco.

Pretty amazing that the 34-year-old pilot from Colorado was able to videotape his rescue after crashing and being forced to ditch his aircraft.

Thank goodness that Lesh and the other passenger with him, named Kayla were able to escape safely.

A second plane that was part of this photoshoot continued to fly above as the pilot, Owen Leipelt watched Lesh's plane sink into the ocean.

Leipelt reported to San Francisco International Airport (KGO), "that he had lost sight of Lesh for a brief time, but David called him as he "bobbing in the water " and guided him back to where he was."

Leipelt reached out for help by contacting air traffic control. The lead pilot knew enough to get the U.S. Coast Guard involved quickly.

A tragic accident that could have turned out so much worse turned out well with everyone staying calm during a horrendous situation.

Everyone played a role in their survival as everyone witnessed the beauty of teamwork coming together beautifully.

Other than a few jellyfish stings Lesh and his companion, Kayla survived a miracle.

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