In light of the 50th year anniversary of the first "moonwalk" we thought we'd have a little fun and ask our listeners on Facebook if they could walk on the moon what would they do?

Learning how to moonwalk here on earth takes some serious skill but on the moon, now that's a different story.

I remember "back-in-the-day" watching the "King of Pop," Mr. Michael Jackson dancing and throwing in a moon move in his routine every now and then. It was the coolest.

When M.J. would moonwalk it was like he was floating in the air. Just like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did in 1969 when they stepped off the spacecraft on their Apollo 11 mission.

Moonwalking was the most popular response but I have to admit both Wendy Robins and Shelana Wilsey cracked me up with their comments:

Wendy said, "she would never leave."

Like Star Trek, "Beam me up, Scotty!"  Too funny.

And Shelana ... that's a great question ... haha!

"The Eagle has landed."

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