Grand Junction is such a lovely town, but there's always "something" wrong with every town. You know, I wish this town had this or that kind of statements.

We asked our favorites on Facebook what was one thing that bugs them about Grand Junction and honestly, I have to agree with several of the comments given.

I'm a native of Colorado but I really never stayed in Grand Junction for a long period of time until I started working for the best company ever.

I love Grand Junction but there's one, maybe two, maybe three things that bug me about this town like Candice Joy Henthorn, Shanon Snover, and others that mentioned the drivers and traffic.

For this being such a small place this traffic and how people drive can definitely get on my nerves, just a tad. Sorry to all those "excellent drivers" out there.

Some folks said it's boring and there's nothing to do if you don't do outdoor activities like hiking.

Others said the mall is boring and it's just blah.

There is a lot to be said for the boring statements since it is a college town that doesn't have a bunch going on.

This might be why so many people struggle with meth and other drugs here which eventually can lead to the homeless issue that so many remarked about bugging them.

Just a thought?

People, bugs, not enough restaurants, meth, and homeless people are the main issues but like Bernadette mentioned if you don't like it move:

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