Coloradans show their true character helping a complete stranger and carrying her almost three miles. This group of Coloradans rescued a woman from the 14er Grays Peak.

Bev Wedelstedt was hiking Grays Peak, a 14er near Keystone this past weekend, when all of a sudden -- she heard a snap. Bev tore her ACL and meniscus and knew that there was no way that she could get down.

That's when a group of complete strangers lifted her troubles, literally. According to CBS Denver, the group of nine people came together to make her a splint and took turns carrying Bev down Grays Peak. This group of strangers carried her almost three miles.

Bev was eventually carried out by the search and rescue team. Bev is so grateful to the people that helped her, she plans to get them all together after her surgery. This is what Bev had to say about the good-hearted strangers, according to CBS Denver:

When we're all put in that situation it's amazing to see what really what comes out of people and the good.

There's still good people out there, I just want them to have their kudos. I mean those guys are amazing, amazing, amazing.

Amazing how people who've never met each other before can come together to help someone in need. Once again I'm amazed by Coloradans and their beautiful character. Colorado, you've got a heart of gold.

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