This is awesome! A cake that changes colors! I have always thought of myself a pretty creative baker, but this takes the cake!

I have spent many years in the kitchen perfecting my baking skills, and up to this point, I thought I was pretty good. Until a 19-year-old named Charlotte put my baking skills to shame with a color changing cake.

It is so surreal to look at this cake, simply turn it around, and get a whole different color! This girl is a genius! How in the world do you do this? Let me see if I can help you with that because I am just like you, and I want to try this out for myself!

The video from Charlotte takes you step by step to make this color changing cake! It is so popular that it has gone viral. Business Insider has already taken notice, and I think that this cake is going to be the next huge craze.

It is simply a sheet cake. It is what you do with the icing that makes it magical. You will need various colors and an airbrush, and I am going to assume that trying this for the first time will take you a bit of practice to get it right. However, this would be so worth it to show off to your friends.


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