Goodbye K-9 units, and hello new black-and-white police felines. This awesome new program is underway, and Colorado has a role in it.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce this new feline program. As it turns out, a training facility in Colorado has a part to play in all of this.

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Colorado's Function in Awesome New Feline Unit Training

A Facebook post from the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office was posted at 4:40 this morning, Friday, April 1, 2022. It reads:

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce we will be phasing out our K-9 program, and replacing it with a Feline program. The three black and white police felines we are purchasing will take part in an extensive, 10 month training program in Colorado at a cost of about $10K each, paid for through a federal Homeland Security grant. "The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats because of their loyalty and grace, but also because of their keen sense of smell that led them to find spices that were used back then." Feline handler, SSgt. Bradley Wynn explained, "We are capitalizing on those natural abilities to produce the best tactical feline program in the country. It's the future of policing!"

Let's Pause Here For a Moment

Before we go one more step, let me say right now this is clearly an April Fools' joke. Sorry to spoil the fun, but as a broadcaster, I've seen many April Fools gags go bad.

That having been said, this is a fun, harmless little gag coming to us out of Oklahoma.

Until now, about the only time I've ever seen a cat share headlines with law enforcement would be this little incident:

What Is This Training Facility In Colorado They're Talking About

I can only assume the Colorado facility mentioned in the Facebook post refers to Complete Canine Training in Brighton, Colorado. They offer complete training programs, including Police K-9 training and sales. I'm not sure anyone has contacted them informing them of the need to add new feline classes.

Happy April Fools' Day

Kudos to the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office for an incredibly well-produced video. I love the cat they mention by name, Bloodfang. Right on.

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