CMU2000 is in the process of doing something for Grand Junction that should have been done awhile ago. It is bringing a change to Valley that many other places around the country have already done for their universities.

Two streets that we all know and love,12th Street and North Avenue could be changing their names by 2018. The names chosen to take their place are Maverick Way for 12th Street and University Boulevard for North Avenue.

I for one am all for the name change. I've lived in the Valley my almost entire life, and think it's about time for some change.

Colorado Mesa University has been a huge part of the Valley since 1925 and has continued to grow ever since.

  • Starting as Grand Junction Junior College in 1925. Their enrollment started with only 38 people.
  • In 1932 they changed their name to Grand Junction State Community College.
  • By 1937 they changed the name to Mesa College.
  • In 1988 they changed their name once more to Mesa State College.
  • August 10, 2011, they changed the name to the current Colorado Mesa University.

I'm a student at Colorado Mesa University and it gives me a sense of pride that this is probably going to be a done deal by next year.

If the University can continue and grow while also constantly changing, why can't the area do the same thing? This will be a way to show that we the community are behind the school.

It's all thanks to CMU20000. CMU20000 is a city project showing the positive impact the university has on Grand Junction as a whole. It is also a way to try and get 20,000 students enrolled into Colorado Mesa University.

This is an awesome way to support the school that has given so much to the community.

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