The winner of the hiking trail battle is Grand Junction's Stagecoach Trail. You voted for it and now I'm hiking it.

The hiking trail battle began with three trails and eventually ended with one winner. Originally the trails were:

    • Flume Canyon Trail
    • Stagecoach Trail
    • Echo Canyon

Then the three trails became two. The final trail battle was between the Stagecoach Trail and Echo Canyon. You voted and the winner of the the hiking trail battle is the Stagecoach Trail.

The Stagecoach Trail is:

  • Located in Palisade
    • The trailhead is off of  N River Road
    • It's 4.5 miles long
    • Has beautiful wild flowers
    • White sandstone
    • Was part of actual route used by the stagecoach

I really enjoy exploring new areas so I can't wait to hike the Stagecoach Trail. If you've ever hiked the Stagecoach trail in Grand Junction, be sure to comment with your pictures and thoughts.

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