There's been a lot of videos circulating lately of people coming off of anesthesia -- kids and adults alike --  and they all have one thing in common: these people say some really funny stuff and don't even remember it.

When I was 20, I had my wisdom teeth removed before leaving the country for 2 years to live in Southern France.  Back then -- during what my children refer to as "the dawn of time" -- they still used all the stuff that made you loopy, but I don't remember saying or doing anything that was out of the ordinary....although if you asked my mom, I'm sure she would have some stories for you.

What I DO remember, however, is having what felt like 3 rolls of gauze shoved in my mouth, as well as wearing a giant ice pack resembling a diaper tied around my head.  The pain from that day has long been forgotten, but the memory of me looking like an enormous chipmunk is still very, very clear.

There are alot of great videos out there of people recovering from "laughing gas" after their wisdom teeth removal, but this is one of my all time favorites.  Julie's husband takes her in for her procedure and then proceeds to film her after she wakes up.  Please note that, instead of easing her through her concerns, he takes every opportunity to mess with her head.  Watch the video below, then tell us about your funniest experiences!


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