Seventeen-year-old Cody is just your typical teenager post-wisdom tooth surgery: Reduced to tears because Beyonce didn't show up to his appointment. Say what?

Clearly inspired by the viral 'David After Dentist' vid, Cody's mom decided to tape her poor, drugged-up son after he had his wisdom teeth removed. And since he was feeling pretty, um, out of it, he couldn't stop crying because Queen Bey herself didn't come to his surgery.

"Where's Beyonce?" Cody asks his mom, starting to cry. "She … she told me she'd be here."

"She lied to me!" he wails, before breaking down in tears. "She lied to me, mommy!"

But fortunately, Cody's "mommy" saves the day, calming her son by telling him they'll call her up once they get home.

And after the medication wore off, Cody revealed that he doesn't remember anything that he said.

"My reaction was complete bewilderment," he told ABC News. "I couldn't even believe that that's how I was acting because I don't remember any of it."

But fortunately for his mom, that's not a problem -- considering it's now on YouTube for the whole world to see.

"My son likes to tweet about me ... you know, I was like, this is mommy's ultimate revenge," she explained.

Watch the LOL-worthy video above.

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