This woman's beauty may only be eclipsed by her arrogance.

That may be what you'll think after you get wind of what's upsetting her.

Meet Felicia Czochanski, a 20-year-old student at Fordham University, who's making waves for an article she penned for Cosmopolitan (modestly called "People Judge Me Because I'm Pretty") in which she complains how annoying it is to constantly be judged by how good-looking she is.

Coming to terms with being perceived as "beautiful" wasn't easy. It soon became how people knew me. People seemed to forget or simply ignore my accomplishments. They disregarded the fact that I'm an athlete, I'm intelligent, and I'm incredibly ambitious. Others did not bother to look past my appearance and actually get to know me, satisfied with the kind of person I looked like I could be."

According to her Facebook page, Czochanski, who describes herself as "5-foot-5 with blonde hair, big hazel eyes, 34DDs, and toned calves" is in a relationship, which is probably a good thing. It'll give her a not-as-attractive shoulder to cry on about the negative feedback she's gotten.

The comments that appear on the Cosmo page where her blog appears are, well, ugly:

  • LOL If you write an article complaining about how "pretty" you are, you should actually BE pretty. This girl is average looking at best.
  • I would chalk this up to being young and dumb.
  • Umm... To be honest your a little chubby
  • This is embarrassing...not only for Cosmo but for the self absorbed, average looking girl who wrote this. Her parents must be so proud

What do you think? Do you think Czochanski has a point or does she come across as way too vain?

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