Today (March 8, 2018) is International Women's Day. To Celebrate International Women's Day here are six women that I look up to. These women are all strong, brave and intelligent, and I'm lucky to have them in my life.

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    My Sister

    I look up to my older sister because she is one of the most intelligent people I know. She has her master's degree and has always looked after me since day one. My sister moved across the world with her husband and has never complained about missing her family -- or anything. She's a strong, brave and absolutely beautiful woman.

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media
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    My Coworker

    I've talked about my coworker, Spring, countless times. Her goodness shines through every time you're around her. Spring is relentlessly optimistic and is completely selfless. She always takes such good care of her children and everyone around her, regardless of the situation. Spring is the type of woman that would do anything for you.

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media
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    On International Women's Day, it's important to remember the most important woman of all -- yourself. I think you all of all people know the props that you deserve. I moved across the country, away from everyone I know, and essentially started over nine months ago. I'd say that deserve some props. I'm proud of myself and all of my accomplishments, you should be too.

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media
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    My Grandma

    I look up to my mom's mom because of her perseverance. My grandma didn't exactly have the easiest childhood and lost her husband when her children were young. When times get rough, my grandma always finds a way to make it through. She's always had a major impact on my life because she helped raise me.

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media
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    My Mother-In-Law

    I look up to a truly remarkable woman who technically she's not my mother-in-law -- not yet anyway. I look up to my boyfriend's mom because she makes the best of any and every situation. I love how much she cares for her husband, her pets, her children and me. My second mama is understanding, thoughtful and super sweet. Don't get it twisted though, she takes no crap from anyone.

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media
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    My Best Friend

    My best and oldest friend, Caitlyn, definitely deserves to be on the list. I've known her since the 6th grade and is honestly the best friend I've ever had. Caitlyn has stuck with me through some tough times, she's always understanding and accepting. She's also honest and always pushes herself to try new things.

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media