If you are planning travel from the Denver International Airport. Check your flight early. The Winter Storm in Colorado is already starting a flight mess for travelers.

According to United Airlines, Southwest, and Frontier airlines, with the impending storm heading from the Grand Valley to the Front Range over the weekend. Travelers are being offered options.

For Southwest Flyers, customers who have reservations from today through the close of business on Sunday, are allowed to reschedule their flights.

If you are going to be flying on Frontier, and purchased tickets before Thursday of this week, are able to make one itinerary change.

Finally, if you happen to be flying with United, change fees and any difference in the price of a fare will be waived for new flights that leave before April 20th and are scheduled for the same city.

Of course before you leave to head to the airport, be sure to check not only with your airline website, but also the airports themselves for changing delays due to the storm.