Living in this Valley is amazing. I love every part of living here. I was watching That 70's Show and it got me thinking. Where would the cast hang out if they were here in the Valley?

One of the main places that they hang out in the show is Forman's basement. But they wouldn't be able to do that because most of the houses don't have a basement. So instead of a basement what would it be?

I believe they would hang out in a barn. It has a lot of room and they could put furniture in there and make it just like the basement.  They would still be able to do everything they wanted but in a bigger area.

Another place that they all hung out at in the show was the Hub. So where in Grand Junction would the Hub be? Well, I think the best place for them that is like the Hub would have to be Main Street Cafe. The food is like the Hub's and I think it would fit perfectly.

The water tower was also a place that they liked to hang out. Considering Kelso was always the one falling off of it. I think that the best place in town to take the place of the water tower would have to be the desert. It would be the perfect place for them. Especially since Kelso falls off of everything.

Later on, in the show, Hyde eventually became the owner of a record store. The cast ended up hanging out there from then on. Here in Grand Junction, we have the perfect hang out for them and nothing really has to change. Triple Play Records would be the perfect spot for them to hang out. It has everything they already had in the show. Perfect right?

I do think they would have so much here to do that they wouldn't know where to start.

I can imagine them hanging out here in Grand Junction, can you?

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