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The Best TV Shows of 2017 (So Far)
Six of the choices from last year either delayed airdates or ended outright, so let’s do some damage before Emmy season! ScreenCrush carves through 2017’s most memorable for all the Tales, Lies, Dicks and Unfortunate Events that had our TVs buzzing.
Network TV Shows Created with Stock Footage [VIDEO]
This had me laughing pretty hard. The team from the Stock Footage Company "Dissolve", created a video they call "Faux Show", and it's hilarious. They are basically showing, through their own stock footage, how predictable Network Television has become.
Dianna Agron Reportedly Leaving ‘Glee’
Last week's Season 4 premiere of 'Glee' had a few missing faces. Perhaps most noticeably absent was Dianna Agron, who plays -- er, played Quinn Fabray, everyone's favorite pregnant high school cheerleader who involuntarily becomes a PSA for texting and driving.
Taking You Back to the 80s – Roxi Style
Tonight (September 10th) is the Junior Service League of Grand Junction's first meeting of the year and we are going all 80s in this rad group of ladies! The theme is year is "Rock from the the 80's"! Hence my 80's attire and nostalgic remembrances.