A popular burger chain has announced four more new locations coming to Colorado. Have you ever considered opening a fast-food franchise? Take a quick look at what you'd need to do to open your own Whataburger in Colorado.

Coloradoans were a bit disappointed to learn all four of the new Whataburger locations would be limited to one city. Sorry, Denver, Grand Junction, Ft. Collins, Greeley, Durango, and Vail, but no Whataburger for you. What, though, if a motivated entrepreneur wanted to open one?

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Four More Whataburgers In Colorado In 2023

Two Whataburger locations currently operate in Colorado. You'll find them at:

Current Whataburger Locations In Colorado Springs

9News reported yesterday, November 10, the Texas-based burger chain Whataburger had selected locations for the next four Colorado restaurants. They will be located at:

Upcoming Whataburger Locations In Colorado Springs

According to 9News, more than 900 Whataburger locations currently operate across 14 states.

What Would It Take To Open Your Own Whataburger In Colorado

Sadly, right here, right now, it would take a miracle. Looking at Whatabuger's franchise information page, at this time, the chain is only interested in extending franchise opportunities to locations in northern Mississippi and Jackson, Tennessee.

Be Prepared To Do This If You Want To Join The Team

Joining the Whataburger family isn't as easy as simply opening a store. You'll need to be prepared to fulfill a number of requirements. To get your foot through the door, you'll need to accept the following commitments:

Whataburger Requirements

Do you happen to have $5,000,000.00 in liquid assets burning a hole in your wallet? For most people in Colorado, the answer would be a resounding "no." On top of that, the idea of owning and operating one restaurant is enough to make most people turn a funky shade of green. The idea of running five would be out of the question for most.

This May Be Right For You

This restaurant chain is expanding. For those with a penchant for business, this may be precisely the investment opportunity you've been looking for. Given the level of commitment, though, it's not hard to understand why people aren't opening stores right and left across Colorado.

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