What is something for you that is a deciding factor when leaving a tip at a restaurant in Colorado? Any time I go out to eat I will leave a tip because I know how much the servers at a restaurant depend on them. Like most people in Grand Junction, I tip more when the service is outstanding.

Money.com recently surveyed all 50 states to try to see where America's most generous tippers are. They used data from TOAST to measure digital tips (non-cash gratuity) How did Colorado rank? Let's take a look.

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Are Coloradans Good Tippers?

Colorado ranks 17th out of 50 states when it comes to gratuity at a restaurant. Money.com says Colorado averages 19% gratuity.  Keep in mind Colorado is an incredibly expensive state to live in so the fact that we are still tipping more than half the nation does is pretty impressive. Life in America has quickly become completly unaffordable for so many people. Thanks for continuing to support good service. Well done, Colorado.

Which State Tips The Most?

Money.com says that the state of Deleware has the best tippers in America. Deleware supposidly tips 21% making them the most generous state. Rounding out the top five for most generous states are Indiana (20.8%), Wyoming (20.8%), Kentucky (20.7%), and West Virginia (20.7%).

This State Tips The Least Amount

I'm not at all surprised that California is the worst state in the nation for gratuity. Despite some of the richest people in America living there, California averages just 17.5% toward tips.

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