Watson Island, a wonderful place to go for a walk with your family, but it didn't always have that family-friendly appeal that it does today. Here's a bit of history.

The 1950s for Watson Island was a bad time. It was used as a dumping ground for all kinds of garbage. You name it, cars, RVs, old tires, pretty much any trash you could think of, it was there. In the 1980s, the Lions Club said enough was enough and a clean up of Watson Island commenced.

Now that Watson Island is a protected park, it now has all different kinds of entertainment to offer. You can take a stroll down the trail, go site seeing for different types of animals that call Watson Island home.

Or if you wanted to play 18 holes of some Frisbee golf, go ahead. Maybe you could even take your dog there and just let them run. Really, the choice is completely yours.

If you really take a look around Watson Island you can see pieces of what use to be. I have taken a few photos myself of the older pieces of Old Watson Island just left there, forgotten.

Everywhere you look there are pieces of what use to be. All you have to do is take your time and take a look around. Let's if you can find some pieces of the past.

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